The Face Behind The Lens


Welcome welcome to my page you beautiful magical creatures of the world! Thank you for finding me. stalking me, hunting me out - or listening to your friend and finally checking me out yourself!


You have probably figured out now that

I am not your average jo photographer

I am a creator, an artist, one who will tell your story truthfully, soulfully and beautifully. Every life I document, is not disregarded or set aside once the final gallery has been sent, it is a long standing relationship full of inappropriate jokes, long hugs, potty mouth innuendos and Facebook friendships!

I am the one who helps you with your creative vision come to life -so on the day you can relax and just be present, I am the one who will make you laugh when you feel that camera weirdness, I am the one who will make you run, make you leap, make you twirl around, make you just feel the JOY in the moment.
— Daphne

Weirdo, daydreamer, wife + mama

My love for my three sons are beyond anything that the mind could even comprehend. My sole mission is to show them the world, to immerse themselves in the beauty that is life, an to help them grow into beautiful kind and generous men who will one day be husbands and fathers themselves.

I absolutely adore my husband James, I just want to live in his damn skin and wear him around the house! I love connecting with him through our self portraits, long deep chats about the world, and our dreams/goals. Gratitude and faith has played a massive part in our marriage and I am eternally grateful for our souls intertwining and making three rad humans!


Alas, this is all for now..

Until you invite me to watch you makeout

on your wedding day!

You know what to do friends, say hello here!

Love always, and sending good vibes ,

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