Need more deets?

Here is something to ease that mind.

 What are your services? 

Weddings, lovers, families and boudoir!

When should I book you for my wedding?

This is an easy answer for you lovers, book as soon as you have said that wonderful YES (even if it's a year away)! A photographer is the BEST AND MOST  IMPORTANT investment you will have for your wedding day.  Your images will be there long after the cake has been eaten!

Can I book you for an overseas or interstate wedding?

All I can say is Hells Yeah BABY!! As of 2020 I will be here there and everywhere. Just let me know the fun deets, as I do have a sweet all inclusive travel package. Let's make this happen! 

How many images do you provide in your services? 

I carefully pick the most beautiful images to tell your story truthfully so I like to document rather than pose, so my images are varied between each individual story, roughly with weddings it's around 800 plus, with portrait sessions it is 40 plus.

How do I receive my images? 

You get your magical gallery via a link, I suggest looking on your computer as you get the full blown epic experience of seeing your story. This link is easy to use, you can download, share (with your loved ones) and also order all your prints and canvases from the comfort of your own home. Then.. wait for it.. they deliver your goodies straight to you.  Whaaatttt??!! 

Do you include the Raw photos?

No can doodly do lovers and I mean that with the best intentions. Raw images are boring, they haven’t been edited, they are blurry, over exposed, Uncle Bob has one eye open and Aunt Susan is sneezing. My final product is my art piece, it’s like asking the baker to give you a cake with just the ingredients. Gulp!

What should I wear for my portrait sessions? 

Something extremely comfortable and that says YOU! Or bring a ton of outfits and just go for it. Go crazy really, we don’t really do the white tees and jeans look here.

Do we need to feed you at our wedding?

Yes please! I am one crazy lady by the time we get to your reception venue and so will you be! Being a wedding ninja and being full on fun vibes all day needs a little top up fuel, so get in touch with your venue as they do offer vendor meals. It’s best that I eat at the same time with the bridal gang so I can shovel it in and get back to documenting all the good bits!

So... you are freaking awesome! How do I book?! 

Wow.. thank you! Send me a message my love, about what you want documented, and when. I require a contract signed and a deposit of $500 to lock down your wedding date. Send me a hello here!

Remember there will always be someone cheaper than me, or have cooler hair than me.

so just do a little soul search whilst you feast on my beautiful galleries here. because in the end all you have left are your images.

we all know we have goldfish ability to remember details. So let me be the one to keep them frozen forever. for you. your babies. and your grandbabies.

Little note from the artist herself...

I am super duper excited that you are on this page, because that probably means you want me to document a little special slice of your life. For that I am equally grateful and flattered. First things first though, I encourage you my friend, to have read my "about me" page before you hit that email. I want you to be comfortable with my exotic nature that is moi. I want all of us to vibe, to chat, to laugh, and to just be having fun together. I am the true epitome of high energy and joy. I will want to hug you and ask about your life!