Three Questions My Brides Ask Me About Their Engagement Session!

So… you have booked your photographer (..and it better me!) and now you are freaking out and have no idea about what to do next.

First, breathe sister. I got you! Here are THREE main questions I get asked by my brides after they book me to be their third wheel.

I don’t know how to pose? I am camera shy, and so is my fiance. Help!

Adam + Krista Lovers Session-21.jpg

This is probably my NUMBER ONE most asked question of all time, and it probably doesn’t help your nerves ether when you go onto Pinterest and check out all those bubbly loved up images of couples, laughing, and dancing and just being amazing. Am I right?

BUT THAT’S OKAY! To be honest, you will probably suck, and get all weird and camera shy… AT FIRST. But who wouldn’t? You have this huge lens stuck in your face and then you get told to “act natural”. No wonder you get all nervous. I know I still do, when I get photographed.

It’s not the end of the world though. Remember when I said, I got you? Well, that’s true. I do. After the initial pose sucking, and weird camera shyness, what I try to remind my lovers, is why we are there. A warm up before the big day. This is why I include an engagement session with my wedding package, so that on the day, you don’t have to have that huge worry taking up your already frazzled and excited brain.

So really, what I am trying to say, is that it’s okay to not know how to “pose”, because you aren’t trying to be anyone else but you. I will help - I always, make everyone laugh, maybe play some music, play some games. It’s all about really just connecting together and just taking some photos in between. All those poses you see on Pinterest are do able, and are actually quite easy. I mean, hugging, and dry humping your man, isn’t really that hard is it? I am just there creepily watching on. Oh, and before I forget, I have had some couples bring beer or wine, it really helps their nerves!

Voila. You are welcome.

What do I wear during my engagement session?

OOHHH! This one, always get me a little tickled. Because frankly, (as my husband would attest to) I am the worst fashionista lady there is. I have an eclectic taste in fashion that swings wildly between beautiful boho pieces and a sweet snuggly dressing gown.

Regardless, this kind of ties in with the top tangent on “you aren’t trying to be someone else”, so where whatever the hell you want! I have had couples in cosplay costumes (that was so freakin rad!), to couples who have started in casual beachwear that ended them in their itty bitty swimwear, to also couples who were just having a grand old time in the shower and bath!

It really comes down, to what feels COMFORTABLE to you, and maybe you want to try something a little different for your session. I do have to say though, stay away from the scary fluro colours and big cartoon/logo prints- they make everyone’s skin colour wack and editing that out is just not great.

What if it rains?

This one actually has two answers. Yep, two. Just to really cover both bases. If it rains, then yep, it’s gonna suck, because most likely we will re schedule. But what if there’s no time before your wedding day to squeeze it in? You know with all that cake tasting, flower arrangements and organising that gruelling table seating (no you will not put crazy grandma with the young kids).

The other alternatives, is if it’s just a little wee bit of a sprinkle dinkle then let’s just go for it and have a rad time! Have you seen how beautiful those wet windswept images turn out? AMAZING, I tell you. So damn amazing! ORRRRR we can just hang out in your home, get cozy, and document your normal weekend!

So now I hope you feel a little better and not so nervous!

What do you think to these answers? Do you relate to some of these brides - I bet you can with the first one at least. Remember this though because - in the end, all that matters if that you have fun, and enjoy the session, because it is marking a HUGE milestone in your very beautiful life! These images will hold onto this moment for a lifetime, and will be looked back on for years to come , so just enjoy that present moment and lap up the love!

As always, sending love + good vibes!

Daphne xx