Sam + Heath // Country Wedding// Somerset Dam

If you want sunset photos. LIKE EPIC SUNSET PHOTOS. Then you my dear, have come to the right place.

Cue, Sam + Heath’s most epic country themed wedding. It was unreal, and coming from the Gold Coast to in land of Brisbane, was definitely a drive worth taking. The lush green paddocks, vast valleys, winding roads, and towering trees were my favourite, and the peace that enveloped you once you were at Somerset Dam was so sweet!

If you want a laid back, intimate yet still get those epic portrait images in with your lover, then I totally swear by a country wedding! Have all your guests stay at shared Air Bnb’s, turn it into a weekend getaway and just have the best time, without all the fuss!


"It’s been over 2 months since our love bubble beautiful day in Somerset Dam and we’re still running on a high. There’s something about knowing you’re with your best friend in marriage that makes me wake up all giddy. The day was an absolute dream and it’s true - it honestly does go so fast! My best advice would be;
• Get portraits of your bridal party before you leave for the ceremony, then you can spend more time after the ceremony with just you and your hubby! Heath and I had about an hour to ourselves and it was honestly the best thing, we got to chat together on how our mornings were and share our first sunset as a married couple with just us. That will stay with us for all of our days.
• if you’re having a bouquet increase your arm work outs leading up to the wedding, they can get seriously heavy by the end of the day
• You’ll get gifts, cards and well wishes leading up to the day - even if you don’t ask for them. If you want to personally thank people keep a running list of everything and keep it the one spot
• Trust in your vision, enjoy every moment and know that it’s ok to go against the norm. There may be people who say ‘oh you aren’t doing this’ but that’s just a hangover from societies norms on what’s ‘expected’ at a wedding, you won’t remember them saying this and only that you wouldn’t change a thing!
• Honest to god don’t sweat on the small stuff! We forgot desert plates and we realised right before they went to serve the cake, I was running on such a high from the day that I just said, oh well, just use the napkins. To be honest I think this worked better because I then got to eat my cake while dancing!
• If you wanna take your shoes off to dance, do it! All your lady guests will thank you and end up doing the same. I did it at ours and after had about guests come up to me shoeless and laughing saying ‘well if the brides doing it we can do it’, we then proceeded to have a boogie until the end of the night
• And finally, find vendors who are your people. When Heath and I found Daphne we felt like we were amongst a friend, it made the whole lead up, day and after so easy. Raw moments can be captured when you are comfortable which means you can really sink in and enjoy every part of the moment you’re in - from the smell of his cologne to the way his hair fights with the wind to the smiles of your nearest and dearest faces.
We love our photos and it warms us that we found Daphne to share in such a big intimate moment with us. Big love and respect for her and her fricking amazing skills, she’s a beautiful soul who doubles as an incredible photographer! Love and smiles from the mr and Mrs xxxx "