Quit your jobs, sell your stuff and travel AUSTRALIA in your caravan // Kayla + Troy // Gold Coast Lovers!

It all started when Kayla found me on facebook nearly two years ago, I was her third wheel, her chosen one, THE IT FACTOR. I was to be her wedding photographer. Dum dum duuummm!

Anyhoo, after documenting their sweet engagement, then their beautiful beach wedding (check that out here) they told me they were travelling this sweet home land we call Australia. So they quit their jobs, BUILT THEIR OWN CARAVAN, and sold their stuff. Voila. You have two newlywed nomads, taking life by the horns and riding it with gusto - with their sweet fur baby Rossco at their sides.

How could I not document yet another milestone in their lives?! So I asked, they said yes, then I asked if they could write a little something something for you lovers, and they said yes again. What amaze humans - am I right?! So without further ado, I introduce you Kayla + Troy xxxx

P.s you can follow their journey here https://www.instagram.com/diditourselves_/

Off the beaten track

We met not long after finishing high school and for us life has always been about the adventure, or so we thought. Until we started to feel stuck. When we stopped and looked at the life we were living and where we were headed in that life, we quickly realised that even though we were happy together we had become box tickers. We were at a cross roads in our lives. Do we stay in our full- time careers working crazy hours, wishing every day was the weekend just so that we can save for our ‘dream’ home, tying us to our jobs just to pay it off. We were already spending more of our time at work than we were at home, we were tired and stressed. We had to ask ourselves what we really wanted out of life.

We decided it was time to give up everything we knew about ‘making it’ in life to have the life we had always dreamed of. One where we could spend our days making memories together and actually LIVING life not just working to live. So, we left our full-time jobs, sold everything (almost) and built our very own home on wheels! There has definitely been plenty of times where we looked at each other and said “holy sh*% are we actually doing this?” but we couldn’t be happier with our decision. Now, we get to focus on making memories together every day and we no longer have to wish the days away to get to the weekend faster.

The adventure is just beginning. After a year of building and planning our new lifestyle we are a week away from setting off to travel the country full time. It is moments like this that shape your life, where you take a risk, a leap of faith. These moments though will fade as time goes on into distant memories and we couldn’t leave without capturing this moment.

There is something special about being able to look back at photos because they remind us of thefeeling we had in those very moments. Just like the photos we have of our engagement and wedding that bring back all those loved up feels, these will bring back those feelings of eagerness, uncertainty and excitement for what lies ahead.

Life is 100% what you make it.

Love Troy and Kayla xo